Product Code: HD11040-3
Availability: 100

AC input: 380v400v-15a

DC output: 100v-240a

Rated frequency: 45hz-65hz

Weight: 8kg

Cooling mode: natural cooling combined with air cooling

Product details:

Emerson charging module includes:

HD series: hd22010-3, hd22020-3, hd22005-3a, hd11020-3, hd11040-3, hd11010-3a.

Er series: er22010 / T, er22020 / T, er22005 / s, er11020 / T, er11040 / T, er11010 / s.

AC input / AC input: 380V ~ 400V ~ 15A 3W + PE 45hz-65hz

DC output / DC OUTPUT:110V----40A

Emerson rectifier module HD11040-3 (ER11040 / T) power charging module is developed with the latest achievements of modern power electronic technology and industrial control technology. Its design fully considers the application and maintenance characteristics of modern power supply. Emerson charging module hd11040-3 (er11040 / T) adopts advanced phase-shifting resonant high-frequency soft switching power supply technology and self cooling design, and its efficiency has reached the world-class level. It adopts the distributed control mode with built-in CPU, and works stably and reliably. Through CE safety regulations, EMC standards certification, through the national, industrial product type inspection products.

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